Thursday, December 30, 2010

Top Japanese trader signs trade agreement with AKR

by AC
30 December 2010

Top Japanese trading house signed trade agreement with AKR, paving the way for the two countries for closer cooperation on the agro trade, and turning the rice policy of the Cambodian government into action.

Marubenni's expansion. Picture shows top executive of Marubenni exchange trade information with Mr. Chieu Hieng, CEO of AKR.

Marubenni, a Japanese firm with top trading volumn in agricultural produces, signed a trade agreement with AKR, a leading rice producer in Cambodia, Mr. Chieu Hieng, CEO of AKR reveals.

The Japanese company aims to expand its activity to ASEAN countries, especially in the rice business where the firm already hold a strong position in the agro trade in the world. Marubeni is a long estrablished company (since 1858) with last year trading volumn more than 105 US billion dollars. Her business activities range from energy, machinery, food to finance and real estate.

This agreement will strengthen the position of Marubenni in the rice trade, when it tap to the new world rice supplier, Cambodia.

Prime minister of Cambodia, Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo HUN SEN, aims to revolt the countries rice industry, previously slow developed, by turning Cambodia to be a quality and reliable world rice/food producer.

AKR is a major quality/reliable rice producer. Estrablished 10 years ago nearby Phnom Penh, it plays a major role, for the private sector, to develope the countries rice industry. AKR is expanding it capacity this year upto 800 tons a day rice milling with a two megawatt rice husk fired power plant to ensure a reliable energy source.

Marubeni executive pointed to the rice bowl that cooked Neang Malis rice with apprciation. The rice cooking test comparing the rice taste from the other rice varieties avaiable in the market.